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Reclaiming high quality handmade and wire cut bricks for your building or architectural projects.


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We have gained a wealth of experience over a period of 35 years in the demolition and construction industry. 
We source from redundant buildings throughout England specific old bricks and reclaim them promoting a sustainable product; the old bricks are sorted, cleaned of their old mortar and stacked neatly on reclaimed timber pallets for ease of transportation countrywide. 
These include handmade bricks, Wirecut bricks, pressed bricks and clamp bricks. 
Other reclaimed building materials can be found at such as reclaimed timber flooring.

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Reclaimed wirecut bricks
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Brick Tiles Direct

Conservation Building Supplies stocks a wide range of building materials including reclaimed bricks, new conservation bricks, building stone, York stone, roofing slate and tiles, limestone paving, oak and pine flooring, reclaimed timbers and more.

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Conservation Building Supplies

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