Brick Matching Service


Brick buildings were first constructed in England during Roman times - but they became popular during the 17th century, when the dwellings of the middle classes were being built from brick. Early brickmakers thought that redness was associated with good bricks, however the colour comes from iron in the clay, which oxidises during firing.

This familiar colour gives brick built buildings much of their charm and character, but poses problems if you're looking to extend or build adjacent to a pre-existing brick building, or even if you're conducting renovation work. The use of new bricks in these circumstances is not in keeping with the original building and can look very unsightly if poorly matched.

For this reason we offer you a brick match service whereby we can offer you bricks that are as close as possible to those of the original building.

Reclaimed Stock Brick

  • Product – Reclaimed Stock Brick
  • Project – Two Storey Side & Rear Extension to property in Wigan, Lancashire
  • Quantity – 8 thousand Bricks

"From the Moment I applied for planning permission I was concerned about how I would match the bricks on my property. I was aware of a number of properties similar to mine that had side extensions with bricks that were clearly different in colour and size which I feel ruined the whole appearance of the property.

Then I contacted the Free Brick Match Service from to try and source some of the original bricks. They completed the brick match and delivered the samples to my property within 48 hours. The bricks were exactly the same size, but they looked more multi coloured than the original bricks. ReclaimedBricks.Com explained that this multi colour comes from the internal and external faces of the bricks being subject to different amounts of weathering and this would easily be solved if we gave the bricks a mild chemical clean when they have been walled up. They were absolutely right - the cleaning process gave the bricks an even red colour, exactly the same as the original bricks. Using the reclaimed bricks took more time and was a little more expensive due to cleaning cost but it was worth every penny"

Mr. K.Groves

Reclaimed Watermill

  • Product- Reclaimed Watermill
  • Project – Two Storey Side & Rear Extension to property in Lymm, Cheshire.
  • Quantity – 16 thousand bricks

"At Red Tree Building Contractors we are committed to the delivery of high quality projects, with our skilled Brick Layers and the experience and commitment from ReclaimedBricks.Com we successfully made this large extension tie in seamlessly with the existing property. The Finished product stands as a testament to the skilled staff that employ"

Matt Pimlott
Red Tree Building Contractors Ltd