What We Do



With a combined 35 years experience within the Brick Industry, we have established ourselves as one the UK's leading reclaimed bricks specialists. We use all our expertise and experience to give you a range of bricks that includes a variety of handmade, stock, wire cut facing bricks offering you a broad choice, quality and value for money.

Reclaimedbricks.com offers you a range of bricks that have matured and acquired character over the years. No two bricks are ever the same; they give a feeling of individuality and warmth to your homes. Their colours, textures and shapes offer unlimited possibilities, designs and ideas.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products, to achieve this we work in direct partnership with demolition contractors. We select bricks in person from buildings before any demolition starts. Our team then selects which bricks are suitable for the cleaning process. The cleaning process is done by hand in our Manchester depot to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

So, regardless of the quantity required - you select your product - we deliver.